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I have a friend who has been working very hard on his craft for a couple of decades and just recently he landed a huge contract opportunity. I was very happy for him and his family and proud as well since he had been a coaching client of mine for many years. Then I felt something that quite frankly didn’t feel so good – it was out of context, shady in energy and uncomfortable in its presence. I have felt this feeling before and chose to avoid facing it either because I didn’t have the time to slow down and look at it, or just didn’t want to face it. Probably a little of both, but because I thought the feeling was envy or jealousy – I felt guilty – but my question became ‘why?’, there had to be something deeper going on other than a surface feeling of

What is not so funny is that we sometimes blow things up to be greater than they even have the bandwidth to embody. Not just gossip or information about other people but what we wildly imagine for ourselves! When I finally slowed down to look at what I was feeling through an appropriate and effective process of energy change, the ‘boggie man’ lost it’s scare power! What I was truly feeling outside of joy for him, was a sense of disappointment for myself – wow!! But rather than slide down a rat hole of sadness or guilt I learned to take this feeling as a wake up call to do what ever it took to quickly and radically return my perspective and beliefs about my success, my worth and my journey back into alignment with my highest truth.

I am divinely guided, blessed, prospered and favored with a gift and passion to teach spiritual wisdom and practical wholeness tools everywhere I go along the way I in-joy the unlimited wealth of the universe in all areas of my life with ease grace and joy now!!

The tool I used to shift is the gettin’ P.A.I.D. process of self evaluation and appropriate action.

When you seem off-balance in terms of self-love or when you are entertaining feelings of anger, resentment, blame, towards yourself or others, it is a form of poverty. Yes poverty! This lack of abundance shows up first in your thinking before it shows up in your financial/relationship/health or career affairs!

So when you become aware of messed up lack and limitation feelings, just know that they are simply indicators or warning signs that it’s time to get P.A.I.D.!!

P – practice deep breathing techniques to shift the energy  from out of control to calm and centered..[go to for more information on breathing techniques]

A – notice what you are paying attention to – are you focusing on the problem or seeking solution?

I – be aware of your intentions concerning your choices and decisions as often as you can – is this choice moving you in solution or deepening you in the problem?

D – make a personal contract to stay on point – to find ways to remind yourself of your new direction, desire and devotion.

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears


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