Make A Difference – Breath by Breath!!

                     Tired of the energy pollution of meanness and hate? Let your peaceful, compassionate and joyful light shine no matter what. Join me and learn some practical techniques of KINETIC MINDFULNESS which is geared to help maintain greater balance, vibrant health and focused intention in daily living. The keys to successful living are being passionate

Grief is not a Thief

  Daylight savings is one of those nonsensical ‘have to’s’ that reminds me of how powerless I am in so many areas of daily living. I mean its not like I can just say NO to the clock! I can refuse to change my clock just because some faceless entity says it must be, but I will be caught out of

“Accepting Your Awesomeness”

  Accepting Your Awesomeness takes three things: Love Confidence Tool of Action   How appropriate it is to find love – especially when you remember, rediscover and reconnect with the only source of love there is: Infinite Spirit within you, fully expressing itself through you. This love cannot be bought or sold, lost or taken…although

Motivated Monday!!

Cookin’ with Forgiveness What does forgiveness mean to you? Do you know now that you can forgive others to free your own consciousness from chains of what used to be a lie about you and still is? Have you gained the wisdom to know that forgiving your self is the most loving thing you can

Motivated Monday!!

FRAMING THE DESIRE   When you have a valuable picture framed by professionals, they make sure that they honor your desires while observing the thing being framed to determine what would complement the painting, not overpower it or present too much of a contrast as an effect of that choice. In the realm of sports,

Thriving Thursday!!

Rise Above The Labels   I truly think the time is coming for a humungous shift in organized religion and divisionary dogma. Daily we see & experience wars, hate, distrust of government leadership, seemingly corrupt banking & justice systems and rigged stock markets all infected by a full blown plague of meanness and greed and