Cherish the Rewards

All year long I have given tools, shared real life stories, asked the deep questions and offered a multitude of ideas for self training, glorious healing and awesome creativity. All of this is in support of the choices you have made to change your life in ways big and small – my intention is only to remind you how ‘Godnificent’ you are, how you can create better and best in your daily living and how to have more fun in the process.

Your dream is what you have made it and what you are continuing to make it as you navigate the seas of thought management, while tuning into a sharper emotional awareness, feeling the physical wake up calls and negotiating the peaks and valleys of relationships. The reward for you work is that your vision vitality grows and flourishes with your d.s.p. [Daily Spiritual Practice], m.a.p. [Meditation Affirmation & Prayer] and your g.t.a. [Gratitude, Thankfulness and Appreciation]; Your powerful success tools for each and every day!

The way we manage, maintain, create and fully experience our personal vision is though self training which is self training or the inside job.

There is an old saying that all work and no play make Jack and Jill dull people. So the idea is that your inner work is necessary but you can choose to learn how to take it not so seriously by developing a supporting faith and having as much fun in the process as you will give yourself permission to have. This inner education leads us to cherished rewards like a daily life of balance, repeated victories and greater joy by leaps and bounds! So what’s the hold up??

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