Developing your support team

Besides education and experience – most successful people or people who consider themselves successful also make sure they have personal mentoring or coaching along the way especially from one who has successfully traveled a similar path before.

Are you the kind of person who feels no need for a mentor, guide or coach? And how is that working for you? Once you surrender ego’s need to be a hero and seek the council of a spiritually mature, proven sponsor – you are on the path to spiritual maturity….and you reach that maturity when you finally value and depend only upon the infinite eternal coach in you to make any and all final decisions!

Ultimately true support by someone else can only remind you of who you truly are not give you their opinion about what you should or should not do in any given situation when it comes to spiritual development.

Where are you in your life right now – in terms of spiritual maturity??

Here is a spiritual maturity guideline for success:

Honest awareness – to view the real you

Balanced acceptance – of your spiritual status

Determined vision – of maturation mindedness

Willing commitment – meditation/yoga or some spiritual practice

Please do not accept offers for help and guidance from spiritually immature travelers – and if you are the s.i.t. don’t offer your limited shaky services to anyone until you know you have matured – and you will know when you don’t have an egotistical need to prove anything, a ‘define me’ requirement to help anyone or a ‘see me’ desire to save anyone from anything.

With maturity you can do certain things at certain ages… and if you want to know what it’s like to experience what you haven’t reached yet – why would you follow someone in the same situation that you are in – unless you choose to stay caught up in immature pity party insanity and ‘shrunken’ living.

Move towards your maturity, enjoy the process, make it fun, find your muse, coach and support while you discover how important you are to the health and well being of this planet one choice at a time.

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