Hibernating is Participating

2015-01-03 06.30.09This is the time of year with long nights and colder weather when the plethora of holidays seem to be the only time of cheer and celebration. However it can also be time for some joyful inner, winter hibernation work. Unlike a bear who totally chills out ‘physically’ until spring – our opportunities for ‘spiritual hibernation’ are plentiful during this season.


The definition for hibernation is: remaining inactive for an extended period……to withdraw. So our opportunity here is to find time in stillness totally being inactive in terms of “doing” as we rest in the “being” of life. The goal is to withdraw from trying, pushing, hurting, wishing, gossiping and worrying in order to renew, refresh and reboot our Divine connection in the realm of breath and pure awareness!


You might say this is not the time of the year to fold in on yourself, what with all of the festivities, family, friends and high energy, true. However let’s understand what the prime opportunity hibernation offers here; infinite transformation through investing in stillness.


Meditation, affirmations, yoga, tai chi, soulful walking, deep conscious breathing – all of these are tools and techniques to seek and find more stillness or spiritual hibernation periodically throughout each day during the holiday season and beyond. Simply proceed with the understanding and awareness that this inner work will open you up to even greater joy, sustained happiness and abundant giving opportunities of love!


Celebrate creation during this time – the germinating of the seed of an idea or vision hibernating in a dark fertile place in the womb of consciousness and bless it with patience as you allow it to form and grow until birthing is appropriate. We are always creating – but with this hibernation consciousness – we begin to set ourselves up for success from the seed energy of an idea all the way to the physical experience of that idea in form birthed into our everyday life.


When your idea, vision or thought moves through gestation in the darkness of the void – the creative process of sparks life into it according to your belief [your true feelings or your conviction about it]. So remember this mantra, “It’s never too late to hibernate as a whole new world I boldly create!”


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