Holiday Thoughts

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In order to be gratitude minded, it takes a whole lot of faith, patience, determination and willingness while the world seems to be falling apart in appearance.


This is a great time to contemplate on the balance between tragedy and triumph – with the world on one hand suffering and wounded and yet on the other hand holiday spirits are rising. Feelings like guilt, shame, fear, doubt, anger and resentment might come up during the holidays, and very quickly we may have habitually run to cover them up, work to avoid them or pretend like they are not there. Yet they are still there. Yes all of the sickness of ‘isms’ are alive and well – they take no vacations.


But you and I and all of the heart leading, connection feeling, deeply loving, fully engaging people on this planet are making a huge and shifting difference one communication at a time – and nothing can stop this tsunami of love that is surging through humanity.


So we all have to seek to find balance when holiday plans go sideways or crazy. Find that neutral space of confidence in your intentions, security in your spiritual connection and determination to let love rule your heart, your mind & your decisions. Do not deny the outer play unfolding, but choose to do what you can do about it; boldly choose to tighten up your own inner relationship energy and be a light to your external ones.


Yu will find that you no longer get lost in hiding, avoiding and ignoring what you are actually felling and experiencing.



Here is how we can choose to grow in gratitude – when we get hit with life stuff that causes us some kind of pain we feel hurt. We can choose to process out of the feelings, learn from the experience and then begin to recover and discover a new awareness and perspective as we thrive forward with a new confidence – it’s called growth!


Choosing to live with a mindset of gratitude takes deep work – but it’s not difficult – all it takes is the essential rearranging of the hierarchy of your relationships and then through practice grow into that mindset of gratitude as a natural effect.

Remember to be a light in a world that too often only perceives darkness, have fun, be of service and turn up your light of love – no matter what – the world requires your essence for its healing on this holiday season – I join you as we do this thing with gratitude together.


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