Listen Up!!

One of the greatest gifts we can give each other as beings, as partners, lovers, family members, community members, strangers and yes even button pushers – is the act of listening. Yes, laughter is important and communication is essential but neither one works when no one is truly listening.

Healthy relationships must have a respect and understanding that listening to each other has value. A conscious choice to mindfully listen is one of the most challenging, demanding, rewarding and sometimes energy draining and unfair choices one can make.

The why is simple – we live in a high stress take no mess and “I’ll judge you by your address society”. To keep up with all of that makes it almost impossible to consider others opinions, ideas, feelings, experiences or dreams unless it helps us get to where we want to go.

Without guilt or blame, learning the skill of listening becomes one of the greatest skills we can share in relationships – the other is forgiveness.

The side benefit of learning how to use these two practices can ultimately lead to enduring health in mind, body and emotions!!

By David Phears

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