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When you have a valuable picture framed by professionals, they make sure that they honor your desires while observing the thing being framed to determine what would complement the painting, not overpower it or present too much of a contrast as an effect of that choice.

In the realm of sports, framework is essential…in terms of safety regulations, rules of participation and overall league delineation – it is essential to set into place solid frames of play.

In the world of daily living, the creative process is what we all share; our thinking creates our experience. Even though we all have this powerful spiritual law working through us, including trial and error, some know how to use it, others are learning how and many have no clue that they use it all day every day and fall whim to confusion and disillusion!

The spiritual scientist knows how to frame her or his desire. They understand how to create – they are willing to step up to the plate of their own life and swing for the fences with an attitude of experimentation, adventure and earned spiritual confidence. They are vulnerably open to taking chances like totally committing to a mindset of forgiveness and not being afraid to fail or even make mistakes.

Being an artful spiritual scientist opens us up to greater vistas of opportunity and vibrant possibilities in every area of our lives when we bask in a framework of love & forgiveness.

2016 is now in full swing – so in terms of checking in on your 2016 goals, visions and conclusions, here are some self-coaching questions:

– do you even have a 2016 conclusion? If not are you willing to create one?

– do you know how to forgive yourself?

– do you know how to forgive another?

– have you caught flashes of deep comfort and peace in regards to your forgiveness work? No matter what your answers are for any of these questions – you are an artful spiritual scientist – simply because you are reading this. You seek and find reflective reminders of your own ‘godnificence’ in blogs, books, songs and conversations.

 Being spiritually artistic and scientific leads us to the conclusion that our work is about removing thought obstacles affecting the full free flow of divine ideas; clearing our inner emotional runway to land cargos of love or weeding the garden of our belief system in order to plant a new power seeds of conclusion and freedom!!

The real scientific work is what continues keeping the rubber on the road so to speak – managing the daily flow of love – artfully using forgiveness in specific and scientific ways – for instance:

When you are worried

When you are stressed

When you feel betrayed

When you feel lonely

When you want to attack, retaliate or defend.

Solution: get ‘kinder-minded!’

In kindergarten most of us learned about stop, look and listen right? Well in this thing called life it works very powerfully to find balance, clarity and grace by the following:

  1. Stop breathing shallow & breathe deep for 7 full breaths & notice what you are feeling.
  2. Look within your thinking activity behind those feelings.
  3. Listen with an inner ear to your intuition as to how to respond from love, forgive or whatever will promote peace and create balance in your life in that moment.

 This next week, frame your personal intentions with the energy flow of forgiveness – experiment with a committed practice, observe your responses, reactions and feelings and only choose according to your highest good in alignment with your 2016 conclusion. After all the science speaks for itself!!

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears





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