Mindfulness Practice at the Corporate level

Bringing out the best in your team

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The Practice, the Process, and how it works

The well being and mental clarity of your staff is crucial to their productivity, cohesion, and overall performance in the workplace. When stress, either home or work related, infiltrates the minds and bodies of your team they are not able to operate at their optimal level.

By using a variety of techniques and practices David Phears will train your staff to develop the skills necessary to manage stress effectively. Team members will gain the emotional intelligence that is essential for recognizing when stress is entering their lives and knowing how it affects them, be able to use these tools to find balance, clarity and focus.

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In all the years that I have worked with this group of Type A, hard driven individuals I have never seen them open up and collaborate so freely as they did with your direction and guidance. It was especially surprising to see the very people I know to avoid lunch breaks and that answer emails at 2:00 AM to actually close their eyes, relax and “vision” their long term view of our company. We look forward to having you back to guide us to an equally well defined and mutually agreed upon “Mission Statement”.

I can’t thank you enough!


Mark Wrobel

General Manager

So Cal Ship Services

Mindfulness Matters Now offers an array of techniques for enhancing your team:

Small Group Guided Meditations

Leadership Development Workshops

Speaking/Presenting at Conventions and Conferences

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Small Group Guided Meditations

David is available to lead Project teams, Executive Boards, First Responder groups, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals and other groups in guided mindfulness meditations to help them achieve clarity, focus, and direction. By using the Kinetic Mindfulness process David will assist these groups in working through the various challenges that arise in any number of high stress situations and events.

Small Group Guided Meditations have proven to be highly effective at reducing stress caused by a multitude of factors, both internal and external to that group. Any leader will know that a single team members stress can affect the whole group and inhibit its full potential. In the same way, a group struggling to find cohesion can negatively affect each of its team members resulting in dissatisfaction and a lack of productivity. Follow up accountability Coaching is available.

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Leadership Development Workshops

Participants will learn the importance of balanced self-care when it comes to professional success. Through a series of consistent mindfulness workshops and/or gentle yoga-based meditations we will explore the ties between home life and work life and seek to find a balanced understanding. Follow up accountability Coaching is available.

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Speaking/Presenting at Conventions and Conferences

David Phears is a professional speaker who can deliver information, ideas and inspiration in alignment with the overall intention/theme of your event.

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Located in Southern California; David has been helping individuals and businesses alike to develop deeper clarity and focus. Although he is based in the Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles areas he is available to teach virtually anywhere.