The drips and drops of change

The theory is that we actually can learn to love everyone as God loves us – the goal is to forgive quickly and love ourselves so completely that we naturally put ourselves in a place of service to others because we are so full of infinite goodness that the overflow demands to be given away. The reality beyond the theory is way different – when we hurt we react – when we lose we react – when we are betrayed we react, when we are afraid we react mostly from the fear of a future illusion that is based upon a feelings related past experiences.


So the inner love work becomes managing the energy of our choices from abstract to appropriate – from theory to practical application in the now with a mindset of creativity for the highest good of all. Change is funny; sometimes change is forced upon us by life or created via some subconscious energy we have allowed to be creative in our own choices. And sometimes change is a desired result that we actively participate in to reach a vision of greater or a dream of better.


Where people get off track during a conscious choice to change is in the area of patience. Sometimes desired change feels like an overwhelming water torture drip by drip and drop by drop driving you crazy. The good news is this – when you apply confident faith, a committed daily spiritual practice and a service mindset the drips and drops of change become the beat and rhythm of a song for transformation and prosperity of all kinds!


So grow forward this week – take deep breaths, find ways to give to others, have fun, laugh more and love yourself as you shower those around you with agape love everyday!!

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