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Thought For Week One:

As you move into 2016 it’s all about change and being successful because of change is simply learning how to understand and embrace change itself. If you think about it, the difference between embracing change and not embracing it is the difference between becoming a master or creating a disaster!!

Mastery is defined as…the art of becoming highly skilled and proficient at something. In this case that something is change. True mastery comes when one knows how to go with the flow….’disastery’ comes from trying to keep it all the same, retain the status quo or even fighting the illusion that change doesn’t matter.

It’s been said that change is the only constant in life and yet I would add as long as we have life we always have breath – so breath and change can be viewed as two things to become masters of. For example – even though everybody breathes – the masters of life go to those who have an awaeness of, who study, who value and who use thier breath to create the way they choose to live: in disastery or mastery. Your mastery begins with your breathing into your vision/conclusion for your 2016 life. 

Here is a simple and effective Conclusion Creation Process {essential for success in your 30 day program – a must}…

Get still right now – breathe 7 deep breaths to shift from doing into being…..letting go of what is not working anymore is like cleaning up a garden of weeds to prepare for the planting of new seed…….. What are you willing to let go of in your life? ……..What word encompasses this release?……write the word down and write all of the feelings attached to it that you choose to let go of….then cross it out completely…..now breathe 7 deep breaths of freedom from that energy as you sink into the new energy space of creativity.

What word fully describes the opposite of what you have sucessfully let go of, or a word that totally describes what you want to be, do or have in your life as a way of being?…..Now that you have this word, create a power sentence including your word – this will become your 2016 CONCLUSION!

Your Breathing tool for week one – practice with this technique each day to create a healthy habit for discovering mindfulness.

Take 3 deep breaths…then take 3 deeper breaths….then breathe normally as you count to 14…now take 3 slow deep breaths each one deeper than the next….continue breathing this way as you begin to move your chin/head upward on the inhale….chin/head down on the exhale….in-joy the breath in movement as you then quote your conclusion for the final 3 breaths in movement.

Look for tomorrow’s Self Coaching Question – Bless Up!!

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