Welcome to week 2!! Feel the flow and continue to grow – you deserve only the best!!

Day 9

  • Perhaps you might be feeling a little sluggish in your willingness to continue to build a healthy habit of deepening your conclusion for 2016.
  • Go ahead and feel that, acknowledge that you feel it – then decide if that thinking will launch you forward or pull you back. Get over it!!
  • Then decide if you are going to be true to yourself, your best and your better!


Here is your self-coaching question for today

Q: In terms of my own greater good conclusion for 2016, am I ready to accept what is right in front of me – be it fear, doubt, pain, confusion, victory, joy; it is what it is…am I willing to face the ‘now’? Why or why not?

“When the heart is right, “for” and “against” are forgotten” – Thomas Merton

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