Welcome to week three being all you have chosen to be!

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Here are my Spring Board Thoughts for your week of victory and happiness!! 

  • As 2016 unfolds on the calendar, you and I have the opportunity to unfold into greater opportunities to create the lifestyle we desire beginning in any moment we choose.


  • All we have to do is begin.


  • The truth is that we are all aware of something in each moment – unfortunately for most – that awareness is anchored in wounds and pain from the past or wishes and dreads for the future.


  • All of this conflicting energy occurs as we go about daily deeds like driving cars, navigating relationships and managing money.


  • The power is in the awareness that through practice, you know that you can shift, change or transform how you experience life from breath to breath! It’s all about your intentions {Like your 2016 Conclusion}, your choices and your awareness.


  • An awakened awareness alerts us when we are habitually focusing on perpetuating old stories, feelings and fears instead of standing in our own fresh highest 2016 conclusions.


  • Do the “tool work” – shift the energy and feel the victory!


  • After a while it all begins to run on autopilot as you go about your daily stuff and victory after victory becomes the norm.


  • Setting a daily intention is the start of awakening a spiritual focus for your awareness on a daily basis.


HERE ARE YOUR D.B.T.s {daily breathing tools} for week three – encourage your self to employ them as many times a day as you can – but never beat yourself up if you forget – just move forward doing the work when you remember:

  • Begin with 3 deep breaths…then 7 deep breaths…count to 14…..then inhale for 4 count, hold breath for 6 count and then exhale for 8 count…do that 3 times…… Then breathe normally for count of 14 then breathe slowly for a count of 7…..Now bring in your 2016 conclusion with each breath and body movement….start to roll your chin towards right shoulder [on a slow count of 3] roll chin up to sky… [same count] then roll to left shoulder…[same count] then roll chin to chest – then roll chin back the other way [same counts]…..Options: add up and down chin movement [from week 1] & shoulder rolls [from week 2].

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