Wisdom Wednesday!!

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So on this hump day what is your mental environment like? What energies are your entertaining? Are you at a crossroads in terms of making a decision?

When Necessary, the first step in creating change in direction, intention or goal for your greater good  is switching your focus from the problem to seeking solution. That mind shift has the power within it to give us a certain advantage over our former choices and beliefs. The more power that is put into current desired beliefs, the greater the resulting experiences will be. It’s simply a matter of shifting from the physical and emotional to the mental and spiritual; the physical is what we see, taste, smell, feel and hear, but the emotional part is how we experience the physical through our perceptions, history and held beliefs.

Shifting focus removes the heavy burden of holding on to dark energies by lifting focus to the light of possibility – and all of that happens within. Accepting your power, accepting your worth, accepting your gifts and talents is a great place to begin to shift focus.

Advantage is defined as: a circumstance or factor that places somebody in a favorable position in relation to others…

And that word others can mean other thoughts, other beliefs – like the ones that got you this far but will hold you back unless you change them – yeah those others! As we learn more and more how to accept our own magnificence, we are also responsible to accept the sometimes hidden magnificence of all other people as well.

Your Inner Essence is always blessing you with the advantage of wisdom, knowledge and understanding – the key is to not just wish, hope and desire but to simply accept – step up to the spiritual vault of abundance and accept..


A – always

C – choose to

C – consciously

E – embrace

P – present

T – truth

Begin today to recognize opportunities to use your spiritual advantage to lift somebody up after all to become true – it’s always up to you!!

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears www.mindfulnessmattersnow.com






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