Would you like to make changes in your perception and reception to the world around you?

Join me and learn some practical techniques of KINETIC MINDFULNESS, which is geared to help maintain greater balance, vibrant health and focused intention in daily living.

Kinetic Mindfulness

Kinetic Mindfulness is a guided meditation practice that combines breathing, intention and gentle movement to allow for a deep sense of focus and clarity.


Yogatation--Yoga+Meditation--is gentler form of yoga that focuses on breath and conscious intent to help identify and then release tensions in the body and mind.

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 I am devoted to sharing mental tools and physical techniques that can assist in furthering the growth, healing, clarity and happiness of individuals and groups alike through the use of Kinetic Mindfulness and Yogatation.

Kinetic Mindfulness and Yogatation

Kinetic Mindfulness and Yogatation are founded in the disciplines of yoga and meditation and have the added influence of current Neuroscience to create a practical, down to earth experience.

If your quest is about self care, self coaching, improving productivity, enhancing focus, bettering life experiences, recovering from addictive lifestyles or healing inner wounds, Mindfulness Matters Now tools are for you.

Kinetic Mindfulness

An active meditation practice for better living designed for beginners, experts and everyone in between. Kinetic Mindfulness is a form of active meditation; the process focuses on breathing techniques and creative imaging for living a fulfilled life.

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Combining Kinetic Mindfulness techniques with a gentle flow yoga, Yogatation is a deep practice of mind, body and energy movement that can sharpen focus and help manage stress. This practice is geared for all levels from beginner to experienced, floor mat is recommended, however a chair will work perfectly.

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Located in Southern California; David Phears has been helping individuals and businesses alike to develop deeper clarity and focus. David is based in the Southern California area and yet he is available to teach virtually anywhere.