Accept Appropriate Advantages

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When you and I open up to the unlimited possibilities in our lives, we see that there is power in changing focus from problem to solution – this power gives us a certain advantage over our former selves. The joy comes when we also recognize this same truth in others regardless of how they act, choose or speak – we move into a higher place of perspective and pump up our own love capabilities with the help of infinite spirit.


As we learn more and more how to accept the appropriate advantage – we are accepting the spiritual advantage and not the ego based advantage. When you begin to manifest desired results in your life, ego wants to begin to take credit – and this inappropriate advantage will become a slippery slope down the rabbit hole of ‘been there before and – oh no not again’!!


The source of your very breath is always blessing you with the advantage of wisdom, knowledge and understanding – the key is to not just wish, hope and desire but to simply accept – step up to the spiritual vault of abundance and just accept..


A – always

C – choose to

C – consciously

E – embrace eternally

P – present

T – truth


Begin today to recognize opportunities to use your spiritual advantage to lift somebody up after all if it’s to become true it’s always up to you!

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