“Accepting Your Awesomeness”


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Accepting Your Awesomeness takes three things:

  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Tool of Action


How appropriate it is to find love – especially when you remember, rediscover and reconnect with the only source of love there is: Infinite Spirit within you, fully expressing itself through you. This love cannot be bought or sold, lost or taken…although it can show up as feelings stirred up by people, places or things. The core source and essence of love is Pure Spirit – Infinite Awareness – or God and this agape love isn’t needy and it will never leave…it just is.  

Our opportunity is to become willing to be free of old stigmas around what we thought love was – conditional, illusive, often painful and experienced only from the outside in. This ‘un-love’ is caught up in the morass of human confusion and psychotic neediness and as you begin to do the work to free yourself from that mess, a tsunami of universal love starts filling your cup of joy to the point of running over. This unlimited good starts to show up in your life…and you become so fulfilled that you gratefully seek to find other people whose lives you can influence in loving and significant ways. ….that my friends is true Awesomeness. 

As you continue to practice with these life principles, you will experience an increasing awareness of greater confidence, less neediness, more answers and fewer sleepless nights. Building spiritual self-confidence or opening to your full potential is an unfolding process. When the bible talks about God making the flowers so beautiful and that you are much more than that – it’s a message to get free from your ego’s need to be right, be seen, be first, be approved and be busy. In other words – by nature – you are more than enough!! You are made in the image and likeness of the greatest and the best, but it means nothing if you don’t accept, believe and embrace your own awesomeness. My grandma said “God didn’t make no junk”, so set aside your never satisfied ego and start honoring your magnificent self. 

When you fully believe you are deserving the best of the best, believe that you are more than enough, believe that you are loving and caring and believe that you deserve only the best that life has to offer – then all of the prosperity, great health, meaningful relationships, fun and unconditional happiness that are waiting to be yours by spiritual law begin to manifest in your life drama free – with ease and grace!! 

The freedom to be Fully Awesome can be managed day to day with awareness and action. The 3 ‘c’s’ below, when used together become a tool for maintaining your Awesomeness: 

Conscious – of how awesome you are no matter what is going on around you!

Centered – in a practiced and established spiritual confidence!

Committed – to turn the energy around from old addictive negative thinking to fresh, creative and awesome filled energy!  

This creative trio will be your freedom tool and the rest is up to you.

Walk in Balance – David Phears


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