Holiday Thoughts

  In order to be gratitude minded, it takes a whole lot of faith, patience, determination and willingness while the world seems to be falling apart in appearance.   This is a great time to contemplate on the balance between tragedy and triumph – with the world on one hand suffering and wounded and yet

Holy Days and Holidays are Here!

  Welcome to the holiday season! It all begins here – the planning, traveling, cooking, laughing, sharing, giving, wishing, welcoming, eating and partying. Yes it is a time of relief, celebration and family – for most people – but for many people that is neither the case nor their reality.   This dichotomy is what

Honoring Your Health

By definition when we honor something we consider or look at something as a special privilege that is to be cherished. So in choosing to honor our health – you & I have to accept that it is indeed a privilege to learn about, do something about and be grateful for being able to create

Nurturing New Ideas

“Nurturing New Ideas” A clear definition for our purpose of the word nurture is: to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful. Remember this: stop just praying for things to come to you… be open to, allow and attract the divine right ideas to fuel your highest good. So through stillness,

Listen Up!!

One of the greatest gifts we can give each other as beings, as partners, lovers, family members, community members, strangers and yes even button pushers – is the act of listening. Yes, laughter is important and communication is essential but neither one works when no one is truly listening. Healthy relationships must have a respect

Embracing Change with a New View

If you think about it the difference between embracing change and not embracing it is the difference between becoming a master and creating a disaster! Mastery is defined as…the art of becoming highly skilled and proficient at something. In this case that something is change. True mastery comes when one knows how to go with