Day 20 CVC 30 day no fee coaching from Yes to Action….

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Here is your mind stimulating, heart warming and spirit shaking question of the day, so with ease and grace ask yourself:

Am I bold enough to open up my mind, my heart and my spirit as a commitment to my choice to live large in the freedom of my magnificence breath by breath today?

“It is easier to act yourself into a better way of feeling, than to feel yourself into a better way of action”. O.H. Mowrer

It is my hope that you are getting genuine coaching support from the Creating Vital Conclusions program. You have been given all of the tools required to develop a healthy habit of creating your 2016 in alignment with Share with friends and family to support each other to graduate from ridiculous resolutions to Vital Conclusions – I will show you how – Stay tuned!!! your desired life!

I stated back on week one that at the end of the 30 day free program I will offer an opportunity to continue the process in a more intimate and deeper way requiring a small financial investment.

So beginning on February 1, 2016 I will be launching the first personal 8 week coaching program for 2016!

Ready to start? Enroll now

For 8 weeks you will receive:




All of this support for a “love month” special investment of $375 when you invest by 1/27/16.

{My normal rate would be $2000 for that same period of everyday coaching}.

Take advantage of this opportunity because you know that $50/week would easily be spent on coffee or just one meal.



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