Embracing Change with a New View

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If you think about it the difference between embracing change and not embracing it is the difference between becoming a master and creating a disaster! Mastery is defined as…the art of becoming highly skilled and proficient at something. In this case that something is change. True mastery comes when one knows how to go with the flow of life as it shows up bumps and all. On the other hand ‘disastery’ comes from trying to keep it all the same/status quo or even fighting the illusion that change doesn’t matter.


It’s been said that change is the only constant in life. I would add as long as we have life we always have breath – so breath and change can be viewed as two things to become masters of. For example – even though everybody breathes – the masters of life are those who have an awareness of, who study, who value and who use their breath to create the way they choose to live a life of fulfillment.


Have you created a personal conclusion for yourself? A conclusion is a belief with certainty. When you add a Conclusion Practice to your daily doings, you will attain greater clarity and certainty to know exactly what is for your highest good and then you will be empowered to create and experience just what you truly desire. The concept of a New View Conclusion puts a higher perspective on how you see what you want to create – you will now have a view which is active and intimate.


Therefore a New View Conclusion according to the acronym for v.i.e.w. must include the following:



Intuition &


Wonder [fabulous adventure called life showing up as changes]


Finally, the one thing that is a vision killer, a love stripper and a joy destroyer is any illusion caused or created by one’s ego, I refer to them as ‘egolusions’. Conclusions have the ultimate power, once they are embraced and embodied, to transform your ‘egolusions’! Why? Because your conclusions are greater than hopes or wishes – they are affirmed convictions that align with your breath and give you the mechanisms and where-with-all to navigate, and masterfully use the energy of all of the changes that the ebbs and flows the life naturally brings.

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