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The interesting thing about the medical field is that they are the greatest place to be ‘hooked up to’ when you are in an emergency or trauma situation. The equipment, professionals, medicine, protocol and care in my situation was exemplary. In both hospitals where I was fortunate enough to have been a patient, the floor experiences were again way above par. On the floors, the personnel from the wheelchair pusher to the case workers, were all kind and patient.

Even though the waiting time all through the process was crazy, it all worked together for the good because I needed to slow down any way, so it was time to buck it up and breathe. When I opened up to the experience that I was in and ceased trying or wishing I was  somewhere else – miracles began to happen – maybe not H2O into vino events but unbelievable just the same. I will never know how sweet the blessings can flow when my attention is always on getting out of the door.

When I was transported to the second hospital and finally got up on a floor, it was like the happiest place on the planet – I thought Mickey Mouse was gonna show up as the head nurse! But when I began to ask the nurses questions – opening the door for communication outside of the main purpose for being there – I learned quite a bit. for instance, all of the nurses were “travel’ nurses who were flown in, bused to and from the hospital complex and paid very well because the regular union nurses were on strike.

They told stories of having to live in secret locations, being bussed in through sign carrying strikers who were aggressively not showing their bedside manners so to speak. As love would have it, I got there on the last night of the strike and all of these folks were going home – this was their last shift and joy was in the air. They told me stories of traveling to Israel, all over the US and loving the lifestyle. These traveling nurses were from all over the US and some fell in love with California with intentions to make it their home.

When the regular nurses came in the next day they were glad to be back, full of the same kind of caring, compassion and professionalism as the outgoing crew.

Currently I well along my healing path and truly seeing life through new eyes. I have a tendency to push through impatiently any healing process under the guise of being in charge of my process, but this is different. I have chosen to consciously make changes in many of my developed mental habits and trust me it is difficult work to stay on guard for old thought patterns in my actions, choices, responses and reaction. This event and my time on the calendar of life has humbled me in such a loving way that I can only surrender into the sweet arms of her desire – for me to live this beautiful life, as long as I have it, in a mindset and heart space of joy, laughter, fun and service to others.

I am so grateful for each breath and I am even more passionate about my calling to teach spiritual principles, provide spiritual coaching, teach Yogatation and train people to self coach through Kinetic Mindfulness. Yes I am BLESSED!!


Stay True – Stay You



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