From the Heart of An Awakened Soul




Wow if I had to describe a heart attack – it would be trying to describe sex but in a different direction. I’ve heard, read and thought about heart attacks from other people’s perspectives and I thought I kind of understood what it would be like. Well just like sex if you haven’t had it you will never have a clue!

I’ve decided to surrender to a tender nudge I got as I continue to recover from a visiting attack on my own heart. I am led to write a series of blogs sharing my journey through uncovering and discovering the thoughts, feelings and choices that come up as I lean my way forward in a precious flow of grateful living.

I thought I was going to call this series “Blessings From a Heart Attack”. Yeah, I know it may seem strange to find meaning and joy in such a death wielding event, but this is how I’ve chosen to grow from , however what feels more true to me is the title “From The Heart of an Awakened Soul”.

My purpose for following through on this intuitive intention by writing this series is both personally a part of my healing and way to continue my passion for writing self coaching pieces that anyone can learn from and use whatever wisdom rings true for them from my victories and missteps in order to make their own lives better.

I think I am a caring, kindhearted and giving man, yet with this project I am stepping up into a level of vulnerability that is truly new for me. The power of my heart health experience has made some things abundantly clear to me and I know that by opening up my heart to share will support me in opening up my heart….

Louise Hay says about heart challenges the following: Heart Attack: Squeezing all of the joy out of life in favor of money or position.

Go figure…for far too many years I pushed myself to the quest, the grind, the drive and unquenchable need for money or trying to develop possible money generating relationships. All of this monkey mindedness resulted in unchecked feelings of not being good enough, not quite smart enough, unhealthy resentments, deep seeded self doubt and poisonous blame – and all of this was packaged into one word: ‘WORRY’ ,along with all of its debilitating consequences

It was this underlying subconscious energy of WORRY that I allowed to drive me too close to the grasp of emotional, spiritual, mental and spiritual tragedy. I am a practicing meditator, yoga practitioner, spiritual student / teacher and I mindfully cause no harm to humans, plants or animals. I eat healthfully, exercise by walking or playing golf, love to read to relax and I try to watch positive stuff on the tube most of the time. So one would think I would not be a candidate for a heart attack – go figure!!

Yes, living a healthy lifestyle is important for better living, but when there is a constant, unchecked current of unbalanced energy running through your system – that energy shows up in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life as disturbance, blockage and clogging. The fact is that I will eventually transition from this life to whatever is next but just not in this moment, and the only thing I truly know is that I have a new chance to have more fun, help more people and love unconditionally, freely and with an open heart – not needing anything in return because as long as I have breath and a heart beat – I’m already a wealthy man!!


Stay Tuned – Stay You


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