Holy Days and Holidays are Here!


Welcome to the holiday season! It all begins here – the planning, traveling, cooking, laughing, sharing, giving, wishing, welcoming, eating and partying. Yes it is a time of relief, celebration and family – for most people – but for many people that is neither the case nor their reality.


This dichotomy is what life is all about – the light and the dark – the suffering and the victories and yet in and through all of the seeming differences that truly are brought to the light during this season – love is the essence, the presence, the solution and the thing sought for by everybody – no matter what.


So the opportunities for love become expansive in terms of finding ways to be of service to others during this season –


Serving food to the ‘perceived less that fortunate” is cool – but you and I can start right where we live to learn how to serve from love – beginning with ourselves. How? By looking at our own developed beliefs, habits, fears and expectations we have concerning the annual winter holiday season. One way is to look at how you might do some love service and healing in your own family circle.


Remember the hierarchy of relationship magnificence begins with you & your creator…next between you and yourself and then between you and your family of choice and beyond – consider letting this month be about a holiday check up on your relationships.


It is not about becoming an expert in relationships per se – but it is about getting a handle on how you do relationships and choosing to become accountable and responsible in how you experience them. Basically you will be taking full charge of your relationship persona and yes developing through the hierarchy of relationships a flavor, a flow or a style of your own that includes your present values, acceptances and desires.


This holiday season is the best time to be willing to step up to your own power and observe, be aware, shift, let go, allow, forgive, stand in your unique truth and embrace the unknown from a mind rooted in “yes”.

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