Is It Time to Shift Your Mindset?

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For some people their dream is held close to their heart, for some their dream is an idea in their mind and for others it is a wish or hope. In reality many people may experience one two or all three of these mindsets on any given day especially when it comes to managing the energy of keeping their dream vibrant and valuable through changes, chaos and challenges that arise. Which mindset looks like yours?

The least productive mindset is the wish and hope one. Both have an undercurrent of disbelief and separation…like when you wish upon a star and hope your dreams will take you very far – wishing and hoping are not conclusive, they lack a developed belief, a determined commitment, a creative faith and confident courage.


Here’s an acronym for hope…

H – half way

O – operating on

P – potential

E – energy


The more productive mindset is creating a vision/dream for your best life ever beginning as an idea in mind – it is like a first step or a training course for the big leagues. As an idea it is not yet activated and until activated, it sits in potential yielding nothing and eventually wasting precious time just like hope – but it is a better step in the right direction.

The most productive mindset is having your vision/dream close to your heart – anything held close to your heart is of significant value, immediate importance and a powerful priority – and most importantly the heart is where you feel from – and feeling is essential to success – both in love and creative visioning.

Please remember that you are daily – no hourly – dealing and directing creative energy – how you set your intention mindset or plant your seed thoughts always determines what you reap, harvest or experience.

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