Kinetic Mindfulness is a guided mindfulness practice that has its foundation in deep breathing, gentle movement and thought awareness. The process is threefold;

I. Identification and Release of old unwanted energy
II. Development of a personal, meaningful declaration for daily success
III. Commitment to your declaration

Watch the Video below to experience a demonstration of the Kinetic Mindfulness Process:

David Phears developed this practice to change his life from addiction, low self esteem and anger to one of appreciation, compassion and integrity. Discover the power of Kinetic Mindfulness today!

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Kinetic Mindfulness is Mobile!

Kinetic Mindfulness Guided Meditations can be held wherever clarity, intention, and mindfulness are desired.

  • Do you have a business and want to increase the productivity and integrity of your staff, as well as yourself?

  • Are you a Yoga/Martial Arts/Pilates Instructor who wants to bring a more grounded practice into your studio?

  • Looking for someone to lead groups in Mindfulness Meditations at your next event?

  • Are you hosting a Retreat and need an experienced speaker to facilitate?

  • Do you have any questions about what Kinetic Mindfulness has to offer?

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Continue reading to discover what others have said about Kinetic Mindfulness

“This last Tuesday I experienced a really strong sense of peace during the meditation you guided us through. After the meditation I felt very happy because up until then I don’t believe I had ever felt so free of limitations, and simultaneously free of needs. It’s as if I could have manifested anything I might have needed.
It was a wonderful meditation and that feeling of limitless possibilities has stayed with me this past week. Thank you Dr. David for all you do.”
Love, Diana


“As a person who seeks deeper meaning and purpose in my life, I have found Dr. David to be a leader and guide in the art and science of meditation. His spiritual awareness, timeless clarity and wisdom have been a significant tool on my path of spiritual awakening.”
With love, Arlene


“I have had such good meditation experiences with Dr. David leading. He has so much good background and experience in spirituality. He has such calm, soothing voice and does so in such a way to really lead you well into a soothing spiritual guided meditation. The meditation really made me feel and see the difference in how I was thinking and perceiving a subject, and how to better treat and think about it in my daily life with meditation!”

Nancy S.


Located in Southern California; David Phears has been helping individuals and businesses alike to develop deeper clarity and focus. Although he is based in the Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles areas he is available to teach virtually anywhere.