Welcome to The Long Beach Mindful Masculinity Mens Group

This group is for ALL Men who are striving for a greater understanding of self and deeper fulfillment in life. The Long Beach Mindful Masculinity Men’s Group(LB3MG) is open to all Men regardless of race, sexual identity, age or spiritual identity. This group is for Men who are seeking to connect with other Men in order to discover more about themselves, what Masculinity is, and what it means to be a Man in this day and age.

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What we are about

The Long Beach Mindful Masculinity Group gives us the opportunity to contribute to the growth and maturity of other men, while we ourselves benefit from our contribution. It is a place where youth, mid-lifers, and elders can come together in an environment of mutual respect and compassion and contribute to each others’ lives. Through a weekly practice we can begin to create a community of Mindfully Masculine Men who hold a space for each other to work through the wide variety of issues and dilemmas they face.

The big picture is that this forum will create the capacity for men to learn how to launch themselves into lives with greater purpose and more fulfillment while learning how to have fun in the process.

Times, Dates and Location will be coming shortly

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