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Cookin’ with Forgiveness

What does forgiveness mean to you? Do you know now that you can forgive others to free your own consciousness from chains of what used to be a lie about you and still is? Have you gained the wisdom to know that forgiving your self is the most loving thing you can do for yourself & you don’t require an audience, approval or permission? And do you finally get it that for forgiveness to continue to bring light, freedom, prosperity and joy into your life – you must commit to making it a part of your lifestyle – a ‘yes’ habit!!

Cooking has exploded since the days of chef Boyardee and Julia Childs! I mean cooking was an interest for a select few and that big old cookbook ‘The Joy of Cooking’ was in most people’s kitchens. Because of the internet, television and the ‘bam’ chef from New Orleans, the term cooking has an energy of excitement, personality, creativity, savory experiences and for some even competition. For a long time if you went to any of the few culinary training schools you were considered an elite chef and you would have all of the unworthy regular cooks flipping your salmon and rockin’ your roux!

Click up to the present and we find as many cooking schools as there are on line blogs and dating services. None of this is bad or good – just an observation about evolution in terms of the art and science of food. Any true master chef will tell you that indeed there is beaucoup science in food preparation all the way from safe storage of food, handling of raw food and proper temperatures for cooking food…..all the way to the art of presentation, the art of mixing intoxicating spices and delicious food combinations that actually complement and enhance the chewing, tasting and afterglow moments of a great meal.

Yes cooking has evolved and with the mix of the old and the new even newer is created… but for this evolution to continue, the past ‘have to’s’ and ‘non-negotiables’ have to be released. In everyday living, the spiritual warrior in you has multiple opportunities to keep on the right track of this bountiful spiritual adventure and observe the process along the way while using the art and science of forgiveness to eject past regrets and burn away future fears.

When creeping thoughts of how it used to be, what used to work before and how we always did it begin to dominate your focus the choice to make is one of determination and transformation – you are saying “I am determined to eradicate this from my life – when I set my mind to a new thought – it is an act of my determination to be free to live in love to a deeper degree”. Our own evolutionary process with forgiveness work seeps deep into the molecular make up of our physical being and opens new vistas of perception concerning our relationships with others as well. So both the art and science of forgiveness are alive and evolving with every revealed and healed feeling and thought of separation form good.

Forgiveness is the flame that will burn away the unwanted belief energy – and just like in Mother Nature, new growth will take place in a nurturing, open and receptive consciousness and this change can happen according to the depth of your belief. So in terms of the art and science of forgiveness, take what works for you and fly – fly with the wings of art and the power of science into your next greater good – find ways to be kind to others but truly begin each day remembering how blessed you are right in that moment, set a sweet intention for your day and get ‘ta steppin’ with that fire in your mind leaving all that unnecessary stuff behind – after all you deserve only the best of the best!

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears



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