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Forgiveness is Living Free!!


What a great time we are living in – there are people helping people, children are living healthier lifestyles, animals are being protected more than ever and there is an expanding awareness of global health and the sanctity of nature – all these are occurring every day.

But here’s the catch – you have to seek, research and do the work in order to find this truth – it won’t be fed to you on a 24 hour cycle unless it stirs up worry, fear, trepidation, anger or drama – finding the deeper truth is always up to you.

Unfortunately too many humans have ‘lazied’ their way into a distorted responsibility to promote gossip and regurgitated misinformation because they truly believe everything that they are told, fed and shown by news hustlers, educational ‘hucksters’ and manipulating ministers, gurus and priests!!

Don’t get me wrong, as a whole we as humans work very hard at getting things, but most humans are marshmallow soft when it comes to staying in balance in our thinking, feeling and believing!!

Forgiveness of the personal kind can be the perfect tool to free ourselves form this self-imposed robotics of false, distorted and manipulative 24 hour rapid speed information flow.

Just because you find out that someone has fed you a bunch of c.r.a.p. that you trusted for truth – you are the one who trusted and didn’t investigate, do due diligence or question the source, validity or reality at all, so forgive yourself and them too!!


C – circulating

R – rancid

A – assumptions &

P – presumptions


Thank goodness we have an art that can change all of that. The beauty of any artistic expression is always in the eyes and heart of the beholder and the act of caring for someone is a beautiful thing especially when it is done in an everyday Valentines consciousness. You see it’s cool to start with candy, flowers, gifts, meals and invitations to intimacy – but authenticity is tied to your intention when you choose, purchase and present this gift to someone. The spiritual artist makes sure she or he is creating from a place of love, balance and openness – the artist of love won’t give anything until she/or he is clear in her/or his intention. Why? Because the artist of love knows that giving from a mindset of guilt, perceived shame or manipulation –will always blow back on them.


So let Valentine’s Day, a shared day of collective temporary energy, become a springboard into an everyday celebration of love! Make a choice on this Valentine’s Day to step up to the starting line and run your inner race to glory!!

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears






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