Nurturing New Ideas

“Nurturing New Ideas”

A clear definition for our purpose of the word nurture is: to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful. Remember this: stop just praying for things to come to you… be open to, allow and attract the divine right ideas to fuel your highest good. So through stillness, mindfulness and breathing techniques what will be revealed will be clear and potent – the work comes in how you choose to nurture the idea – how you let it grow, develop, thrive and be successful.

Let’s look at successful idea progression:

1. Grow – clean your filters!! The death of an idea begins when we habitually cut the purity of a divine idea received in mindfulness with impurities of doubts based on past failures or future fear – neither of which lives in the now and here!!

2. Develop – put the idea into practice and commit to its personal value situation by situation.

3. Thrive – the only way to thrive is to be in service to others – sharing the benefits of the idea, the joy and passion from the idea and finding ways to bless others because of the idea.

4. Accept success – the idea has come full circle when bodies are healed, lives are changed and caring is exprerienced.

So get with your own best program – nurture new ideas for your greater health…find what stillness practice works for you – experiment with it – get trained in it – practice it and make it a habit, because after all it is probably a great way to live being habitually happy!! Can you handle that??

By David Phears

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