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The title for this book Slight Adjustments came to me as I was getting ready for a lecture about relationships and finances. It became very clear to me as I prepared for my presentation that for most people when it comes to navigating constant change and the frequent challenges of life, deep self-analysis, years of cathartic introspection and ego vilification are not nearly as important as a new and fresh perspective.

In my own life I learned this fact after going through a period of change in my relationship with finances. I became aware that as I began to believe that I could actually become debt free, a new confidence emerged that I would eventually live a better life in terms of finances. Because of this life lesson I now believe that we all have the power within us to change how we experience conditions that we feel are working against us. This inner power and its use are ours to learn about and master, and it never requires any other person’s approval or permission.

It took just a Slight Adjustment in that one area in my beliefs along with a commitment to a new way of thinking for me to become self-empowered and to begin to live my life in a much more balanced way. I took time to create a vision for what I wanted my life to become. I wrote down ideas, I meditated and I talked to people with whom I had developed a mutual trust to give me feedback on my ideas. Then I used my imagination to get a picture in my mind of what I wanted to be, to do and to have as I moved forward on my life’s journey – I developed my life vision.

A slight adjustment in your beliefs, along with a new life vision, can create many desired life-altering changes for you as well. This is what my book is all about – making Slight Adjustments.

After practicing for a few months with the Slight Adjustment strategies in this book, I began catching myself right in the middle of limiting thoughts that I no longer wanted to feel the effects of, and I was able to make appropriate changes. These changes were the result of Slight Adjustments in the words that I used, the thoughts that I entertained, the people that I chose to be around and the beliefs that I gave value to.

Look at it this way, if you are a pilot or if you have ever skippered a ship rowed a boat or canoe, you know it is important to have a destination and a route in mind before you start your journey. That same destination awareness holds true for creating a fulfilled life of choice or a mindset for success. The real test of your pilot, skipper or personal development skills comes into play when you find yourself off course, out of balance, in danger or wasting energy going in the wrong direction.

The solution is simple, no matter which vessel you are in – a plane, a boat or your own body: You simply make a slight adjustment in order to change directions and get back in alignment with your desired result. Saying that the solution is simple is absolutely true. The understanding, application and appreciation for the Slight Adjustments concept can have different degrees of difficulty depending upon how long one has been off course, how deeply they want to get back on course and how willing they are to do the work required to make the required slight adjustments for inner course correction.

When Captain Chesley ”Sulley” Sullenberger landed the passenger Airbus A-320-214 on the Hudson River on a cold January day, he was an immediate hero. He saved many lives and it seemed as if he had performed a miracle on the water with his brave decisions and professional control at a time of impending doom. What allowed him to land that plane the way he did was first of all not to panic and then not to turn too abruptly. In fact, it was a series of slight adjustments to the direction and speed of that aircraft that landed that US Airways jet with 155 people on board onto the chilly Hudson, and introduced that scene into the hearts of people around the world.


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