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This year of uncontrollable ‘election’ energy is bringing up strong feelings of separation, frustration, anger, fear and hopelessness. There is a great and clear universal call for conscious people to deepen their self care and daily centering practices in order to be a light unto a seemingly darkening world around them.

Face it, even if you don’t do the media thing and even if you’ve made a vow to stay above the toxic fray, the pull is enormous – the combative, immature, disrespectful energy seeps in to your consciousness anyway – we live on a planet with PEOPLE and the energy of collective non-thinking vitriol is everywhere – if you don’t hear about it, see it or talk about it you can certainly feel it.

I refuse to complain, yet I refuse to put my head in the ground and pretend that we are not living in a turbulent time like never before – no matter what your external social beliefs are.

So it’s solution time!! In order to  find and maintain daily peace, emotional balance, personal power and consistent joy – the work begins within. This inner work is no joke – it takes a firm commitment, an unyielding focus and a forgiving attitude. Finding the right and perfect techniques to stay in your lane can begin and grow from becoming mindful. Mindfulness practices are absolutely perfect for this time that we are living through right now! Kinetic Mindfulness has been specifically designed to  victoriously facilitate the inner battle between manipulated fear and creative freedom.

Now is the time to step up to your own solution – to become your own leader and your own guru – this is the calling! So the question is: are you going to get swept under the herd of ridiculousness by doing nothing and waiting to see how it all turns out….or are you ready to become the sweeper of your own herd-ish thoughts and finish each day a winner, a lover, a giver and a game changer in the name of integrity, compassion and kindness?

Here is an opportunity to make that change….Join me at either or both of these venues on my flyer to learn how to use dynamic, simple and transformative breathing techniques and thinking tools that can save your health and shift your perspective – the rest is up to you.                                                                                                                                  

Dr. David Phears

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