Thoughts on Love 01

2012-10-05 18.22.02

The concept of love shows up in so many forms. What I’ve found is that in relationships, people show or express their love in many different ways according to their personal experiences, definitions and expectations relating to the word love. Problems arise when there are expectations one person may have about how another person should demonstrate their love….if a deep seeded expectation is not met by the receiver of a loving expression, then the love sent in earnest by the sender is not felt, appreciated or even understood by that receiver.

Now I will never feel that I have much more than a clue about how to create perfect relationships – but what I will tell you is that in all of my relationships – beginning with the ones I have developed with my source of life and myself, all the way through the joyful ones and the rocky ones, I finally recognize that relationships are all perfect for the one common purpose they have in my life; to uncover what was hidden so I can discover who I truly am in any moment of awareness.

The key is to focus on the primary relationship between yourself and your life source. Then on yourself and yourself and finally when we get that tight and right, all the rest of the relationships will take care of themselves.

True love always allows others the space they require to learn, build and grow as they navigate the hierarchy of relationships. Once you graduate to that level of an accepting kind of love then you will truly understand and appreciate the natural and organic flow or style of how they express love and call it perfect just as it is.



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