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Rise Above The Labels


I truly think the time is coming for a humungous shift in organized religion and divisionary dogma. Daily we see & experience wars, hate, distrust of government leadership, seemingly corrupt banking & justice systems and rigged stock markets all infected by a full blown plague of meanness and greed and this stuff seems to be in the limelight of the human condition but are they the real dominant consciousness?

It all has to do with labeling. Labels are great for clothing and cans of soup – but not for people or spiritual practices! The word label is defined as: a word or phrase used to describe a person or group. And usually the description is a convenient way of putting someone in a certain category or box while totally eliminating any need to get to know them as a person, or deal with the feelings that come up because of deeply held misguided beliefs.

The way to peace begins with finding common values and by closing illusionary and divisionary gaps of separation thinking caused by labels in the first place.

It’s my hamburger philosophy of creating your greater good = “In and Out ..that’s what our goodness is all about”! Look at it this way, there are two main areas of common labeling activity where if we choose to care differently, we will change the consciousness of the planet…..and they are in & out:

* The Out…

  1. Labeling people who are different than we are from regurgitated pre judgment and rancid gossip [all of the isms].

* The In…

  1. Labeling yourself from other people’s distorted perceptions of who they think you are.

One thing that has bugged me for years has been when my ‘t’ shirts, long or short sleeved, come with sticky, itchy bothersome labels right on the back of my neck. When I used to put on a new shirt I would cut the tags with a pair of scissors yearning to be relieved of my itchy misery. Then came Michael Jordan and Hanes eliminating the labels and life was good again..

You and I are being called to be the M.J.’s of ‘ism label removal’ and it all begins with our willingness to honestly and openly notice when an ism is triggered in OURSELVES and make a change right away. The inner work creates the outer change; so now the “In and Out” concept becomes a positive mental tool to create best and better beginning now.

Experiment with seeing how you feel listening to conversations totally opposite from what you believe and then tell me you have no isms creeping in!

I admit this is big – this is extreme and it is necessary – for our own wholeness and well being as well as the health of those around us…we must be the difference makers and it all begins now!!

So dive in this week – into the pool of love that is represented by your very breath – create & grab hold of a new faith – one based in highest good for all and step up as a difference maker – cause baby the world is already shifting – and we all know & it’s better to be a shifter than a shiftee!!


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