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Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  • In the old swashbuckling action movies I would watch as a kid… just before battle, the knights or the pirates or the cowboys would cross swords, raise guns in the air or touch lances and shout “all for one and one for all.”
  • This was the ultimate affirmation of team commitment – they knew they could possibly die without seeing each other after the battle, so the call was to fight for each other to the death if necessary. This is a form of extreme exterior unification.
  • For our purposes unification or the idea of all for one is not about death or battle per say and yet it is – the death or transition of old, decaying, outdated ideas and beliefs as well as the inner battles between old habits and new visions/conclusions.
  • When you look at the beauty of nature, witness an extreme act of kindness between people or experience a life changing positive result of some inner work that you have done – there is a heightened awareness of the connection to the source of all life and all is right with your world.
  • In daily living experiences however, sometimes the rubber of our intentions hits the road of our outdated thinking and that’s when things become funky, fearful and fragmented.
  • In other words when all hell is breaking loose, when the ‘spit’ has hit the fan and the bottom has fallen out, what do you do then??
  • What do you call upon and how do you find relief??
  • The answer is in the question – the first thing Abraham Hicks says to do when in misery is to SEEK RELIEF – yes begin by claiming the opposite and grabbing on to that idea as if your life depended upon it because in some ways it just might be. Have an awesome fulfilling week – you deserve only the best of the best!


HERE ARE YOUR D.B.T.s {daily breathing tools} for the final week of the free program.

Begin with 3 deep breaths…then 7 deep breaths…count to 14…..then inhale for 4 count, hold breath for 6 count and then exhale for 8 count…do that 3 times…… Then breathe normally for count of 14 then breathe slowly for a count of 7…..Now bring in your 2016 conclusion with each breath and body movement….start to roll your chin towards right shoulder [on a slow count of 3] roll chin up to sky… [same count] then roll to left shoulder…[same count] then roll chin to chest – then roll chin back the other way [same counts]… inhale for 5 deep breaths – hold for 5 count – squeeze all air out by the count of 5 – then stay empty for a final count of 5 repeat 3 times and just be mindful until you naturally come out of it…..Options: add up and down chin movement [from week 1] & shoulder rolls [from week 2].

I stated back on week one that at the end of the 30 day free program I will offer an opportunity to continue the process in a more intimate and deeper way requiring a small financial investment.

So beginning on February 1, 2016 I will be launching the first personal 8 week coaching program for 2016!

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{My normal rate would be $2000 for that same period of everyday coaching}.

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