Welcome to the MONTH OF LOVE & the beginning of my weekly ‘Mindful Musings’!!

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I call this the Love Month because of February 14th Valentines day. Love is the theme and the tag line but it for me so much more than that. I choose to look past the commercial manipulations, and the ‘temporary-ness’ of the day itself. Don’t get me wrong,  I am excited about the idea of Valentines day – but not just because of the flowers, chocolate, cards and promises that will be shared and enjoyed. All that is what it is. My delight comes because anytime love can be felt collectively my many, it has a profound effect on all!! That is how powerful love is. This month of February is a perfect time for people who are working on personal development, self discovery, healing of any kind or recovery from any addiction. This month of love, for example, can be a time to reflect upon what we actually feel about what love is to us – now is the perfect time to redefine, review and decide what love is and how to create more opportunities to learn about it, see it, teach it and share it

When I became serious about shifting my life from recovery to discovery, the first thing I chose to deal with was that I had been {as the song says} ‘lookin’ for love in all the wrong places”. Once I turned within to seek, define and connect with love through my PAID program {Practice, Attention, Intention & Dedication}, I then discovered how to express that love in my everyday life.

For the next few days I want to share one of the tools that I used to make a shift in thinking from counter productive to powerfully creative. Then beginning next week, I will dive fully into blogging with an ongoing weekly series that is intended to inspire, motivate, guide and shake up the stuck!

Tool for today is gettin’ PAID!!

When you seem off-balance in terms of self-love or entertaining feelings of anger, resentment, blame, towards yourself or others it is a form of poverty. Yes poverty – the lack of abundance shows up first in your thinking before it show up in your financial affairs! So those messed up lack and limitation feelings  can become indicators or warning signs that it’s time to get PAID!!

P – practice deep breathing techniques to shift the energy  from out of control to calm and centered..[go to www.mindfulnessmattersnow.com for more information on breathing techniques]

A – notice what you are paying attention to – are you focusing on the problem or seeking solution?

I – be aware of your intentions concerning your choices and decisions as often as you can – is this choice moving you in solution or deepening you in the problem?

D – make a personal contract to stay on point – to find ways to remind yourself of your new direction, desire and devotion.

You Can Do This!!!

Life is Good and Gettin’ Gooder’!!

David Phears



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