Welcome to week 2 of my 30 day CVC program – a New Year’s gift to you!

Thoughts for week 2: 

True mastery comes when one knows how to go with the flow when the energy of change decides to show!! Losing a phone in a foreign country, or going to the ATM machine and having it laugh at you in that “you thought you could get some money here today ha ha ha” kind of way – those are simply divine opportunities for becoming a master-in-training of that thing called change. Mastery comes from the choice to practice putting a conclusion in your mind, feeling it in your heart and affirming it with your mouth especially when challenged with any new change!

On the other hand instead of mastery, the other choice is “disastery” which comes from staying in the victim story, finding people to tell it to and gouging on the need to be affirmed, approved and acknowledged as a ‘wishy washy wanna be’! The choice is real – but the power is in the awareness that you can use the internalization of your 2016 conclusion to master the change!



[inhale 3 deep…count to 14 then repeat….then take 7 deep breaths – notice what you are aware of through each breath…..when finished, inhale deeply and forcefully blow all the air out,,,,breathe naturally for count of 14……then take 7 deep inhales and exhales quoting your 2016 conclusion with each inhale and exhale.Finally continue that but add rolling your shoulders slowly forward and then backward in the flow.

Option: add last week’s chin moves


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