Yogatation – Yoga+Meditation – is a holistic combination of breath, intention, and movement. By incorporating aspects of Kinetic Mindfulness into a gentle yoga practice we can begin to identify the areas in our bodies, and lives, that are stuck and then learn to breathe through them.

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Yogatation is ideal and can be adapted for all levels of practitioners: those who are just beginning to discover yoga and would like to delve a little further into their practice, those who have practiced for a long time and need something more mellow and breath focused, as well as those who aren’t quite sure where they are but know that they would like to continue walking the path.

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Continue reading to find out what fellow practitioners have said about the positive changes Yogatation has brought to their lives.


“Rev. David brings the transcendent down to earth in this unique class that is as spiritually expanding as it is accessible. I have to confess that I drank a little too much coffee the morning of my first Yogatation! I walked into the classroom with a dozen thoughts whizzing through my brain and a slight case of the caffeine jitters. Over the course of this incredible class, I experienced a deep shift in my state of being.

The nuanced blend of stretching, deep breathing, positive affirmation, and soul searching was just what I needed to calm my mind, focus my energy, relax my nerves and, ultimately, empower me to move through my day with positivity, and efficiency. If you’ve never taken a yoga class, don’t let that scare you away. Rev David offers modifications for all skill levels as he guides you through this rewarding journey.”
-Olivia Treviño


“My wife and I recently enjoyed a Yogatation class with Rev. Dr. David Phears and we really enjoyed it! Rev. Phears presented a very satisfying yoga class with an inspiring guided meditation mixed in with the poses and movements. The yoga was great, graceful and not too challenging, just the way I like it. The added element of meditation really enhanced the experience. By the end I felt cleansed and inspired in both body and mind. I highly recommend Yogatation to anyone interested in a quality yoga class that gives you the element of meditation as well!”
Thanks All,


“My wife Susan and I experienced our first “Yogatation” class with Rev. David. We were amazed with how fast the time went; it was as if we had been so alive in the “present moment” that we were unaware that 90 minutes had passed. We were also impressed with how relaxed and rejuvenated we felt when the class was over. We both experienced a sense of mental clarity and calmness, and yet we felt energized and ready to encounter whatever challenges the day might bring.

During this journey to a place deep in our hearts, Rev. David guided us in setting goals and intentions with positive affirmations. We then integrated them into our physical selves– a perfect mind-body integration experience! Afterwards, we both commented on how much we enjoyed the wonderful physical and vocal tension release exercise. We found it to be both fun and freeing.”
We highly recommend this class to people of all ages.
Susan and Eddie Young


Located in Southern California; David Phears has been helping individuals and businesses alike to develop deeper clarity and focus. Although he is based in the Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles areas he is available to teach virtually anywhere.