You Talkin’ to Me?

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How is your self-talk? How do you react or respond to criticism and meanness?

How do you treat yourself when things don’t go your way? Are you even aware – or do you care when you judge yourself or others, put yourself or others down, make asinine assumptions or even allow negative energy in your consciousness when you experience people who rub you the wrong way?

All of this internal energy talk is how you communicate with your self – and true to spiritual form – how you communicate With yourself will always leak into your outer communications with others, no matter how skilled you think you are at having a poker face.

A great solution is to begin to practice being self-compassionate.

Bottom line, just use mindfulness breathing or stillness techniques [] to allow love to navigate the journey for you, transporting you from sabotaging self-talk to compassionate self-communication.

All it takes is a dedicated intention to invest time alone and doing the inner work.

When you, as a light worker start enjoying, appreciating and becoming familiar with the power and love in compassion – your outer communications become attractive to the point of causing others to want to hear what you say because it makes them feel connected, heard and valued.

Here’s a powerful tool that can be used to create compassionate communication:


L – listen to your self-talk

O – observe any slip into promoting negativity

V – validate your own worth by remembering the source of your breath

E – evaluate your intentions in all communications


So grow forward and when you wake up in the morning – set yourself up in l.o.v.e., and then swagger into your day lit up in joy and lookin’ for opportunities to be a blessing – after all the world is ready for your compassionate gift of gab!


The thing about mindfulness practice is that it is not magic or mysterious or mystical. It is practical, applicable and easy…. Kinetic Mindfulness is a ready tool for a more peaceful interior life, which creates the way you experience your exterior life. And it only takes a few minutes to become mindful when needed.


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